Privacy Policy

This protection strategy illuminate about the how PC Antivirus Support uses and ration the information gave or submitted ban individual or client while utilizing PC Antivirus Support‘s site.

At PC Antivirus Support, We regard distinction, and security of our customers and end-users. That is why we endeavor hard to guarantee that each snippet of data that PC Antivirus Support gathers from end clients to recognize them in our framework is scrambled and ensure to best of our insight and dimension of ability.

At PC Antivirus Support, we are agreeable to a specific arrangement of guidance mentioned below to guarantee security of submitted information by client and visitor at site.

Information that We Collect :



Tel Number:

E-mail address:

Credit / Debit card details:

Why we Save these data :

– To make a record for a potential purchaser.

– To recognize existing Consumer in the framework.

– To recognize the administrations and necessities of tthe purchaser time-to-time.

– To follow reestablishment of produacts and administrations rendered to the buyer.

– To improve the nature of the administrations relying on consumeer input.

– To advance new offers, administrations by means of telephone, email and fax.

– To upgrade UI/UX of the site contingent on shopper input.

Security :

We ensure the security of the information received by preventing unathorized accessof any information or disclosure by emphasizing on using latest security hardwares and softwares under survillance of cerified experts.

Use of Information :

We don’t pitch our information or data to any outsider organization for showcasing purpose.We may utilize your data to self advertising or promotion.We may share your subtleties to the distributer of the product (obtained by customer from PC Antivirus Support) to follow legitimacy and administration tanure.

In the event that on the off chance that you think or discover any data tthat small hang on you might be incorrect,You can keep in touch with us at: